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In these dark times, Brigid and Johnny wanted to share a song of hope and light with you. From our Bunkhouse to your house. 

Here is a crazy old tune that Brigid and Johnny just picked up. Now without further ado, "I've Got Ants in My Pants" from our Bunkhouse to your house. We hope it brightens up your day a bit!

Brigid & Johnny from the bunkhouse with "West Texas Blues"

Brigid and Johnny just released a new album titled "Next Go 'Round." Many of the tracks were recorded in the beautiful Doncaster Round Barn in Twin Bridges, Montana. Here's an original song written by Brigid and Johnny called "A Little Too Long in the Bunkhouse".

Palio Waltz in the Round Barn

This is a video of "Palio Waltz", a tune inspired by the famous horse race that Brigid and Johnny experienced first hand in Sienna, Italy, recorded in the spectacular Doncaster Round Barn in Twin Bridges, Montana which has the distinction of being the birthplace of the only Montana horse to ever win the Kentucky Derby...Spokane "The Spirit Horse of the Rocky Mountains" in 1889. Look for the new album by Brigid and Johnny called "Next Go 'Round" in January 2020.


Brigid Reedy reflects on family and tradition in her original poem, "Handmade."