Roll On, Cowboys - Album Release

Brigid is honored to be part of this important and historic work by Andy Hedges! Brigid and Andy perform a classic Glenn Ohrlin song and she plays fiddle on the title track. Epic and awesome are two words that are tossed around a lot but the album "Roll On, Cowboys" is going to be truly epic and awesome! The line-up includes: Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Dom Flemons, Corb Lund, Waddie Mitchell, Michael Martin Murphy, Tom Russell, Randy Rieman, Brenn Hill, Pipp Gillette, Rod Taylor and Andy Wilkinson! The cover art is by the legendary painter, William Matthews. 

Brigid is thrilled to be part of the Andy Hedges album release concert on April, 23, 2023! Check out the incredible lineup! Click below to purchase tickets for the live show in Lubbock, TX.

About the Artist

Featured at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada for the past seven years, Brigid Reedy has become a singular young voice representing her beloved home state of Montana. Brigid is credited in recent books by Aaron Parrett and Charlie Seeman as an important singer, songwriter, fiddler and poet carrying forward classic cowboy music and poetry and rich Montana fiddle traditions with her exceptional musicianship, distinctive approach to repertoire, and her strong sense of place. A natural and charismatic performer since the age of two, Brigid has traveled far beyond the hills of Montana to perform and share the stage with many personal heroes (of both music and poetry), bringing with her boundless enthusiasm, grace, passion, and soul. Now twenty-one, Brigid's writing draws considerably from her experience as a young woman coming of age in the contemporary rural West. This, combined with her timeless, eclectic taste in music and love of words, makes her a force in Western Americana music and poetry. 

Enter Johnny “Guitar” Reedy, Brigid's little brother, whose physical stature and musical skills belie his age. At only sixteen, Johnny has a phenomenal gift for rhythm and possesses extraordinary musical sensibilities. Transcending the role of sideman, he has become a full-fledged collaborator with his sister, assisting in arranging music for their Cowboy, Western Swing, Gypsy Jazz, and Blues repertoire. Johnny’s passion for music from around the world combined with the Montana traditions he was steeped in makes him an intriguing musical partner to his sister. 

This dynamic collaboration most often takes place in the single bedroom of the small bunkhouse Brigid and Johnny share with their family in the Jefferson River Valley in Southwest Montana. Sitting on the ends of their beds, surrounded by instruments that hang on the walls, they experiment, improvise, sing, and laugh, as their enthusiasm and passion for music propels their ever-evolving sound forward. 

Brigid and Johnny travel widely sharing their unique blend of exceptional musicianship, sublime sibling harmonies, and a voracious appetite for “good" music, with their love of Montana, Western culture and their incredible affection for each other, to bring something unique and special to every performance.